Known Issues

Below is a collection of known issues, updates, and solutions. As always, be sure to follow the Repair Procedure when troubleshooting and fixing systems.


Time Out of Sync

For an unknown reason, the clock in Ubermix has started de-syncing with standard network time, which can cause connection, and other, issues.

  • Solution: Set date/time manually in Ubermix then change settings back to Automatic. See Set Clock instructions

Numlock On By Default

  • Solution: Press Fn + F11 to turn Numlock off


Hinge Failure

  • Solution: Please send these systems to the District Office

USB Boot Doesn’t Work

  • Solution: Switch “Boot Mode” to UEFI and disable “Secure Boot” in BIOS Settings.


Too Much Kapton

There is a large square of kapton tape on the keyboard ribbon cable, across the battery cables, and on the battery. When the battery moves even slightly, the tape ends up pulling on the keyboard ribbon, causing connection issues

  • Solution: Cut the tape so as to cover only the keyboard ribbon and connector; Use the extra tape on either the battery connector or from the battery to the empty space on the case

Headphones Not Working

Can’t Update BIOS

  • Solution: Open the bottom case and unplug both the main battery and the small CMOS battery, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect them and refer to the Secure Boot Enabled issue below

Secure Boot Enabled

  • Solution: Follow the NEW Update BIOS (Automatic) instructions, but when the screen shows the Secure Boot lock image, tap Enter to boot into the BIOS key

Broken Battery Posts

  • Solution: Please send these systems to the District Office

Speaker Malfunction

  • Solution: Update BIOS to 1.07AD and replace speakers

Automatically Shutting Down

  • Solution: Please send these systems to the District Office