Known Issues

Ubermix Issues

Time Out of Sync

Numlock On at Startup

  • Solution: Press Fn + F11 to turn Numlock off

B117 Issues

Hinge Failure

  • Solution: Please send these systems to the District Office to be e-wasted

BIOS USB Boot Doesn't Work

  • Solution: Switch "Boot Mode" to UEFI and disable "Secure Boot" in BIOS Settings.

USB Boot Doesn't Work

  • Solution: Switch "Network Boot" to Enabled in BIOS Settings.

B118 Issues

Some Keys Don't Work

  • Solution: Remove the large piece of tape on the keyboard ribbon, reseat the cable in the port, and replace with smaller pieces of tape on keyboard connector and battery connector

Headphones Not Working

Secure Boot Enabled

  • Solution: Follow the BIOS Update instructions, but when the screen shows the Secure Boot lock image, tap Enter to boot into the BIOS key

Broken Battery Posts

  • Solution: Tape the battery in place using two-sided tape (NOTE: Do not cover the drainage holes to the sides of the battery!)

Speaker Malfunction (2018 B118-RN)

  • Solution: Update BIOS to 1.07AD and replace speakers

Repeated Secure Boot Fail (2019 B118-G2)

  • Solution: Install new 1.15LD BIOS