UMC2 Usage

Device Information

Checkin History

  • Displays a list of the device’s checkins, including where it checked in and at what date and time, it’s public IP, private IP, Ubermix version, and battery capacity at the time.

Ticket History

  • Displays a list of the device’s current and prior tickets.


  • Allows you to add important notes to a device when a ticket is not necessary.

Ticket Information

Close Ticket

  • When closing a ticket, you must have a note marked as a solution.



  • Watching a device or ticket will send you a notification whenever it is updated.

  • Notifications are displayed in the next to your name on the upper taskbar.

  • When a device or ticket is watched, you should see in the upper-right corner of it’s panel.

Part Inventory

Updating Part Counts

  • Displays current count of parts for your location.

  • Change the number to the right of each part to match your site’s current count of that part.

  • Then hit the “Submit” button in the upper-right corner of the form.