Repair Guides


  1. Plug the system in and check for charge lights

    a. If no lights turn on: unplug charger from wall, wait 5 seconds, then plug back in

    b. If lights still don't turn on, open the laptop and check to make sure the battery connector is plugged in fully

  2. Charge laptop until light turns blue

    a. If light doesn't turn blue, replace battery


  • B118:
    1. Reinstall Ubermix with a partition reset
    2. Replace mainboard if still problematic
  • B117:
    1. Check SSD connection
    2. Reinstall Ubermix with a partition reset
    3. Replace SSD if still problematic


  1. Turn system off
  2. Remove the LCD
  3. Unplug and replug the LCD connector
  4. Power on device

    a. If the display turns on reassemble the system

    b. If the display does not turn on, check the LCD cable on the mainboard

    c. If that fails, replace the LCD

  5. Look for signs of physical damage to determine if the repair is covered by the warranty


  • Check for liquid spill
  • Check plastic clips
  • Check rubber dome(s)
  • Check ribbon cable


  1. Clean the trackpad
  2. If the trackpad doesn't work at all, hold Fn and press the trackpad lock function key (icon below)


  3. Change Touchpad setting in BIOS
  4. Try Fn + trackpad lock function key again
  5. Reinstall Ubermix with install key
  6. Unscrew the bottom cover and check all cable connections to trackpad and mounting screws
  7. Replace trackpad