This page will be updated as features become more widely used.

Basic Phone Usage


Please follow “Voicemail - Assign Extension” instructions prior to using your new phone.

Your Extension

  • Your extension is a two digit site shortcode followed by your three digit extension.
  • Example: 81246 = 81 (District Office Shortcode) 246 (Help Desk Ext.)



Default voicemail password is 1234

  • Assign Extension: ## + Ext. + Password + # + New Password + 7 + 3 + 1
  • Log-In: ## + Password + #


  • Use navigation/arrow buttons to scroll through list of available contacts
  • Names and Extensions can be searched by typing using the keypad
  • Example: Willis = 945547


  • Lists history of all calls to/from your phone
  • History must be viewed to clear missed call icons from your screen


  • Ringer Volume: Press + or - buttons to raise and lower volume
  • Speaker Volume: Press Speaker button, then press + or - buttons to raise and lower volume
  • Handset Volume: Lift handset, then press + or - buttons to raise and lower volume

Site Codes

Site Shortcode Site Shortcode
District Office 81 Willow Elementary School 27
Buttercup Pre School 11 Bay Laurel Elementary School 28
Chaparral Elementary School 21 AE Wright Middle School 31
Lupin Hill Elementary School 22 Lindero Canyon Middle School 32
Round Meadow Elementary 23 AC Stelle Middle School 33
White Oak Elementary School 24 Mariposa School of Global Education 41
Sumac Elementary School 25 Agoura High School 51
Yerba Buena Elementary School 26 Calabasas High School 52

Voicemail Menu Reference


ShoreTel IP420 - Classroom Phones


Basic Functions


ShoreTel IP480 - Office Phones


Basic Functions


Mitel Connect Chrome Extension


  1. The extension should be installed automatically when you log-in to Google Chrome browser using your LVUSD account.
  2. If you are not already, please follow the Signing In guide to login to Google Chrome
  3. If the extension is not installed automatically for you, it can be installed manually from the Chrome Extension Store (Mitel Connect Extension)


  1. Find the Mitel Connect icon to the right of your URL bar. It should look like the image below:

  2. Click on the icon and you will see the following screen:

  3. Enter your LVUSD email and password into the specified fields, and make sure to click ‘Show Advanced’ and enter “” as the server name.

  4. Once logged in, you can link your LVUSD calendar with your phone by clicking on the Settings gear in the upper-right, navigating to the “Settings” tab, and checking the box next to “Sync my Google Calendar…”

  1. This will automatically set your availability on your phone based on events in your calendar.