NOTE: For current information on CAASPP Testing, as well as a schedule, please visit our LVUSD Assessments Site.


  • The ELA Assessments are taking longer than anticipated for students to complete. We are finding that about half of the students are using the full suggested time. See page 27 of the Test Administration Manual for suggested times.
  • Unless a student is simply not engaging with the test, students should be given time to complete their tests. You should have already designated some make-up times for students that either missed their designated day or need additional time.


  • As you know, the ELA tests require headphones. At the beginning of the test, there is a sound check page that appears. If the computer’s sound is not on or turned up prior to the start of the test, they will not be able to hear anything on the sound check page. Unfortunately, there are no visible volume controls on the page, however in most cases, the volume control keys on the keyboard still work to adjust the volume. On the Acer laptops, these are Fn+[up arrow] or Fn+[down arrow]
  • On extremely rare occasions, the secure browser will lose focus and stop responding to clicks or the keyboard. To fix this problem, press alt+tab on either Acer laptops and Windows, or command+tab on Apple devices to bring the secure browser back into focus

Special Needs

  • Site CAASPP coordinators should verify with their special ed teams that designated supports and accommodations have been properly set in the TOMS system. We have found several errors in the way these were entered in SIRAS and/or Aeries, leading to the students not getting the embedded supports they need. Please bear in mind that changes in TOMS take 24-48 hours to take effect. If you find errors or need help, please contact Dawn Arentzoff in pupil services.

In addition, we recommend that you encourage teachers to walk around and take note of the various questions that are being asked and how they are being presented. These assessment are a great opportunity to start thinking about how we will want to support students in the coming school year.